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When you visit you can find the cheapest and best trip to the destination of your choice. We can also help you find trips with multiple stops or which go via secondary airports. You can also use our unique search functions to search up to 15 destinations simultaneously and mix and match with our Price calendar, or put a price alert on your planned trip(s) for those dates you want to travel. is a product of Flightmate AB, Sweden. Since 2007, Svenska Flightmate, via the brand name Flygresor is Sweden’s biggest cheap flights comparison search engine. It is our ambition to be your local choice too. We want Flightmate to be the world’s most user-friendly and social search engine for cheap flights and your user experience means everything to us. We are always looking to improve our service, develop new, useful functions and offer trips from an airport near you. Travelling is something social and positive, and our aim is that the booking is too.